A quarter century in the making

FOLLOWING more than 25 years in hibernation, the Cactus and Succulent Exhibition and Sales Show will be returning to southern Tasmania.

The Claremont Flower Show Group, in partnership with a group of cactus and succulent enthusiasts and growers, will present the show at the Claremont Memorial Hall over two days from Saturday 30 November to Sunday 1 December.

Cactus and Succulent Show growers’ coordinator Damian Kerin said the popularity of this group of plants had exploded in recent years.

“Online trends, newly imported materials, low maintenance and water and space saving mindsets have contributed to a resurgence in their appearance in the market,” he said.

“Cactus and succulents can be very forgiving for even the novice or experienced growers – you don’t need any fancy equipment to grow these plants and they will adapt to any micro-climate around the house and garden.

“Easy to care for and requiring little attention or water, once they’ve found their happy place, your succulent will continue to provide you with a great look.”

Six months in the making, the exhibition will feature 12 sellers and hundreds of exhibition plants to view and from which to draw inspiration.

There will be trade tables, pots and genuine cactus and succulent potting mix for sale.

Plant competition categories will include Best Cactus, Best Succulent, Best Combination Garden Arrangement, and Best Under-12 Entry.

There will also be the Colin Drake Memorial Trophy for the best overall exhibit.

Claremont Flower Show Group member Neil Harwood said they were actively calling on community members to submit displays for the show.

“We’re hoping to get as many people as we can submitting their own homegrown succulents,” he said.

“Dress your plants up to the nines – use your imagination and add props, like rocks, gravel and figurines, to your presentation.

“We’d prefer if community members could bring in their displays the night before the show (Friday) so we can assist with setting them up.”

Mr Kerin said the show would include exhibits and plants for sale that you normally wouldn’t see in garden centres.

“There promises to be something for everyone,” he said.

“The addictive world of cactus and succulents invites the senses with many variations within the colours of yellows, oranges, browns, greys, reds and greens.

“The variety of shape, bold forms, textures and patterns across hundreds of varieties are captivating and the possibilities for planting, arranging and decorating are as endless as your imagination.”

As a nod to the special occasion, Kaye Green from Tiger Tracks Tasmania will be creating a custom stamp for the event.

Ms Green said she decided to get involved after she was “blown away” by the recent Daffodil Show.

“It was such an outstanding show that it was just a love affair immediately, so I knew I wanted to do a stamp,” she said.

“And cactus plants are just so beautiful to draw as they have such character, so I don’t know how I’m going to make my final design selection – I can’t wait to get started.”

The Cactus and Succulent Show will be held on Saturday 30 November from 9am to 5pm and Sunday 1 December from 9am to 3pm in the Claremont Memorial Hall, corner of Main Road and Bilton Street, Claremont.

Admission is $2.

For more information, contact Stan Walker on 0429 811 968.

Caption: From left, Cactus and Succulent Show growers’ coordinator Damian Kerin, Tiger Tracks Tasmania’s Kaye Green and Claremont Flower Show Group member Neil Harwood.

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