$190,000 Government commitment to Risdon Vale Bike Collective

RESIDENTS of the Risdon Vale area have benefited from a $190,000 commitment to the Risdon Vale Bike Collective from the Tasmanian Government.

The Risdon Vale Bike Collective is a not-for-profit group working with young people to restore, maintain and sell second hand bikes through the RV Bike Shed.

The collective has built and continues to maintain tracks at the Blue Hills Trails and the BMX park.

Premier Will Hodgman said the collective was an important community group aimed at bringing together locals for a rewarding social experience.

“It has proven its popularity, having been founded 12-years-ago by youth worker and the 2017 Tasmanian Local Hero Anthony Edler,” he said.

“He continues to run the collective which aims to support those who may be disengaged from education or employment and increase the work readiness skills of young people.’’

Mr Edler said the Bike Collective would create a space for young people to grow in character and gain essential skills for life.

“We currently have around 30-40 young people come through here every week, learning social skills from teamwork, work, health and safety skills from restoration projects and customer service skills from selling some of our restored projects,” he said.

The Collective has recently sold a number of vintage bikes and is looking to sell some projects restored over the winter in the months leading up to summer.

The group also plans to host bike rides on local trails in upcoming months.

Mr Edler said the $190,000 support from the government had gone towards executing a three-year strategic plan, which analyses how the Collective currently benefits the community and how it can improve.

“We want to see the Collective changing and growing for the better,” he said.

“We want to help develop character and good attitudes in young people, and increase their resilience, reliability and confidence.

“The Government support will allow us to improve on the foundations we have already established in the program and to share our success stories and hopefully influence other groups.”

Jacquie Petrusma, Member for Franklin, met with members of the collective recently to inspect their progress.

Ms Petrusma said the RV Bike Shed workshop involved many young people from the local community, including a partnership with a local school.

“As well as restoring bikes, the Collective provides an avenue for young people to fix and maintain their own bikes,” she said.

“It operates on a rewards scheme allowing participants to receive credits towards purchasing their own bike or bike parts.”

The Tasmanian Government is committed to working with communities to provide services that are important to them and beneficial for the wider Risdon Vale community.

Caption: Member for Franklin Jacquie Petrusma and 2017 Tasmanian Local Hero Anthony Edler with participants at the Risdon Vale Bike Collective.

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